Proposed law could extend the eviction process in Nevada

Call To Action: don't change the Eviction process in Nevada

Do we want the eviction process in Nevada to look like that of California? Senator Julia Ratti has introduced SB151, and it contains several provisions of concern for landlords and property managers regarding summary evictions. The bill would extend the eviction process in Nevada. SB151 would: Double the pay or quit timeline from 5 full…

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Price vs Value in Property Management

Price vs Value in Property Management Company

Most rental property owners are looking for the best value in a property management company. Many investors focus on a property manager’s fees. But does getting the lowest price mean you’re getting the best value? Price is only one piece of the value picture. At Strawberry Property Management, we provide some services which most other…

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Las Vegas rental stats for 2018 and outlook for 2019

Las Vegas Rental Statistics 2018

Las Vegas shows the highest 2018 rent increases in the US 2018 saw another year of overall rent increases in the Las Vegas area. CoreLogic reports that as of October 2018, Las Vegas rental stats showed the highest year over year rent increase in the US, at 6.6 percent. That was followed by Phoenix with…

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4 Common Heating Issues Diagnosed

Your furnace is one of the most important devices in your home, and you want to be sure that it is running smoothly and efficiently at all times. An old or damaged furnace could result in expensive repairs or huge energy bills once the weather starts to cool off. Here is a quick glance at…

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Mold: a Landlord’s Invisible Enemy

Rental property owners and tenants are usually well aware of the significant threats to property value, including termites, roof damage, and an aging electrical system. However, a potentially more significant threat is the possibility of mold growing in your property. Black mold is particularly toxic and may lead to a number of health problems in…

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Landlord FAQ: When do I get paid??

full month accounting by property management in las vegas

Many rental property owners want to know when they’ll get paid each month! This video explains how we manage paying owners by the first of every month, no matter when the tenants pay rent. Full Month Accounting! This full month accounting system makes us more efficient, eliminates the need for holding “reserve funds”, and ultimately…

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